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Thread: teampages.tar.gz changes

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    teampages.tar.gz changes

    What did I miss stats/project wise?

    Seems there's now 2 different files for each team in teampages.tar.gz

    Can somebody tell me what's new or changed? It's trainwrecked my stats script since it was based on all the files in the teampages.tar.gz and now I need to make the proper changes.


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    The breakdown is as follows:

    team[#].txt - the regular team pages currently viewable by default on the website
    teamtotal[#].txt - team pages showing both phase I and phase II results

    Note that members are NOT included in the team pages if they are not producing, as follows:
    If a member has 0 total phase II points, he will not be included on the team page. The total for Phase I+II pages obviously includes the cumulative phase total.
    Elena Garderman

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    I switched my script over to use the teamtotal*.txt files instead of the team#.txt files.

    I take it that should give me the combined totals for the team, from the start.


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