I just got a hard drive big enough for my mp3 collection. Now I have to get it working.

My current set up has 2 IDE drives. One has root, /home and everything except /var, which is living on the second, smaller drive. My motherboard, being the limited beast that it is, will only let me plug 2 hard drives in at a time.

My thought is to make a tarball out of everything in /var, and to stick it somewhere on my root partition. Then, I will take out the ancient 4 gig drive, put in the new drive, boot Knoppix, play with fstab and fdisk, copy the tarball back over, unpack it, and boot my regularly scheduled Libranet system.

Is this completely insane? Or, just partially insane?

This would, unfortunately, leave my /home partition and root on the older, slower, smaller drive. I could copy stuff around with Knoppix after fdisking, edit fdisk, and get root on the new, faster drive, and add a partition just for mp3s on the new drive.

Again, it this showing more signs of insanity, or possibly a glimmer of a clue?

Thanks, gang.