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Thread: Correction: Plants Will Not Flourish as the World Warms

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    Correction: Plants Will Not Flourish as the World Warms

    A new study contradicts the notion that higher temperatures will enhance plant growth

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    This post is misleading in its forefront approach. First off since the link on Scientific American is not opening I have to assume plenty, Which I am not used to and may lean off course which I am sorry. Yes with warmer temperatures plant growth will last longer then normal seasonal temperatures used to last with the increase in CO2 levels this will occur. Should it be harmful to the plants I doubt such a serious cause to plant growth will occur. When the temperature rises too much even our own human bodies can't take the temperatures that too much heat will cause harm. Should we be worried at this time, not in the least. As is stated many places with an increase in CO2 in the air, temperatures will begin to cool the planet more than warm it.

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