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Thread: I have a double

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    I have a double

    If you look for Scoofy12 in Dyy's stats, youll see a scoofy12 on the first page with 6.98 billion nodes, and one on the 2nd page with 1.62 billion nodes. apparently, even though it strips out everything after the @ in your email address, scoofy12 is not the same thing as scoofy12@<my ISP>.net . So i guess theres some other way of indexing the users other than just the handle? i guess i just have to switch back and let those points float dead in the old scoofy12?

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    I've got the same problem here:

    I'm in Dyy's stats with the_mk and THE-MK, but just because I like THE-MK better and editet it in cbspn.conf my uid to THE-MK instead of the_mk@<ISP>.

    I'd like to see a better user and team handling on chessbrain (registration and getting a handle like at DF or the ability to login with your e-mail-address and a password sent to your e-mail-address to login and set a proper username)

    Setting uid and teamname via config-file is just :bs: After you have reinstalled your OS on your computer you need to rewrite the config-file (if you haven't back it up) and so there are multiple usernames and multiple teamnames (llike Free-DC, FreeDC, and so on)

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    Unfortunatly this is all to common. I have some floating out there as well. The only thing you can do is choose which one you want to run under and change all of your .conf's to match. I have taken one and copyied it in to all dir. then modified the mem. setting to make sure I had no user id or team conflicts. Once you get it done the first time it shouldn't pose to much of a problem. One other thing I have done is taking a copy of the config files for all of the differant clients I have run and put it into a txt dir for future ref.

    Anyway thanks for your contribution

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