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Thread: Why the hell?

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    Why the hell?

    I don't understand: I uploaded more than 300 generation for a total of 200.000 points but no 1 single point is accreditated to me (I also reuploaded them all with the same result). I haven't any crash, nor any problem, the generations are good... what's the problem???

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    Start by taking a look in your error.log for any messages
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    I've seen a few teams that host a downloadable client; sometimes using a handle.txt file for a "team" account. I'd quickly verify that your handle is the one in handle.txt.

    (in which case, you wouldn't have any errors for the first upload, and an error for every one of the 300 generations uploaded the 2nd time - and even 2 hours later, you wouldn't see the points appear on your account.).
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    have also seen 0 points awarded for many gens

    In the last few days I have also seen my new points fall sharply. I have at least 1 machine, but often 3, folding, so I assumed there was another problem with the points allocation.

    I checked one error log and there are a few "STATUS 910 MISSING PREVIOUS OR ILLEGAL GENERATION" entries on Dec. 4 and 5. But those seem to happen occassionally throughout the log file (this machine has a wireless net connection which is prone to dropping). Could that be the explanation?

    Yesterday around 10:30 I watched this machine upload 12 generations, they were gens 210 to 212 I think, and I was awarded 0 points.

    The same machine began gen 0 again today and my points are closer to where they usually are. Hm.

    If I am missing generations, is there anything I can do to fix things? Are subsequent generations useless as far as the science goes?

    slowly succombing to the points fixation,

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