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Thread: Are the clog wearing moos getting serious?

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    Wink Are the clog wearing moos getting serious?

    Seems to have been a little increase in DF production.

    Bring it on Cow dudes
    Alas poor Borg, I knew it Horatio

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    Thankx for noticing and sorry for the late response.

    Unfortunately for us it was just one of our famous MegaFlushes (c)
    The fifth of december is sort of a holiday in the Netherlands when we celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicolas (or Sinterklaas in Dutch and predecessor of Santa Claus, notice the names). It is a day where especially small children receive namely toys for good behavior

    We decided to give ourselves a present by dumping a larger amount a work the day before. We hoped to overtake Rechenkraft with that flush but that took us a day or 2 longer.
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