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Thread: What you have around your monitor?

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    What you have around your monitor?

    Some people put Trolls, some have dice, and others have good luck charms or pictures.

    I have ceramic animals of endangered species free inside boxes of Red Rose Tea.

    What you got 'round your monitor?
    Agent Smith was right!: "I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell! If there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it."

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    1. piles of scratch paper with cryptic notes that surely meant something to me at one time
    2. CDs whose cases have long since gone missing
    3. empty beer cans
    4. empty cigarette packs
    5. overflowing ashtrays

    So much for an aesthetically pleasing computing environment

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    a beer mug full of change

    a stess ball

    a south park timmy doll in a wheel chair

    a tub full of bazooka joe

    and a jar full of comics

    a bottle of Ibuprofen

    and a web cam
    Entry: lunatic
    Function: adjective
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    Synonyms: absurd, baked, balmy, bananas, batty, bonkers, cracked, crazed, daft, demented, deranged, dippy, flaky, flipped out, foolish, freaked out, gone ape, idiotic, insane, irrational, kooky, loco, loony, mad, maniac, maniacal, nonsensical, nuts, nutty, preposterous, psyched out, psycho, psychotic, schizoid, screwy, stupid, unhinged, unsound, wacky, whacko, zany
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    A post-it with lots of scribblings.
    A piccy of the fianceť and I.
    A network hub.
    There is also an NBA holographic sticker stuck in one corner of the monitor that was on a NY Knicks baseball cap, and an MSI case badge on the opposite corner.

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    Junk, basically.

    On top, a Dogbert, a Siberian Husky and a spider.

    Around, address labels, check deposit slips, assorted "important, you'd better deal with this stuff" papers (about 1' high right now), a Provincetown coffee mug with assorted pens and screwdrivers, an ashtray, a stack of CDs (mp3) and sunscreen.

    The sunscreen is because of a bad incident last summer where I ended up with second degree burns on my ankles, and literally swished when I walked, until I broke down, and went to the doctor's. Never underestimate the power of the light in the Big Room!

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    let's see...
    2 CD cases (Norah Jones and Five Iron Frenzy, hows that for contrast?)
    A stuffed penguin (not tux but i think that was the general idea, a gift from my fiancee)
    a glass perpetually filled with water, sitting on a "coastered" CD
    the remotes to my sound card, to my stereo, and to my X10 lights.
    the USB cord to my palm pilot
    receipts, a bottle of contact solution..

    well thats most of the contents of my desk, theyre all just lying near my monitor

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    err... which one?

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    Nothing. I don't believe in clutter, and I absolutely don't believe in non-electronic data (aside from my books which are neatly tucked away in bookshelves). I can't remember the last time I actually 'wrote' something on 'paper'.
    "So utterly at variance is destiny with all the little plans of men." - H.G. Wells

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    lost in space. Hey who took my bread crumbs. Now I cant find my way home.
    1. piles of scratch paper with cryptic notes that surely meant something to me at one time but I'm afraid to throw them away because I may need them.

    2. Books, notepads, dictionary, city council agendas

    3. checkbook

    4. firewire and usb connectors

    5. phone

    6. empty printer cartridge box

    7. KVM switch, face plates to computers, empty CD-ROM cases

    8. purse

    9. user manuals for mobo's

    10. Book Cover for Quantum Field Theory in a nutshell by A. Zee

    Thats just the top layer and I'm not going to venture lower.
    grandmother. ver 3.0

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    Alot alot of rubbish.

    All the tiny things that we all need in life!

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