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Thread: Hey BOK!!

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    Hey BOK!!

    It is just after 10PM Central.

    The FAH stats for my Team, Techpowerup! 50711, are not updated.

    Also, is there a specific time that I will know the days results? I update the local thread, on TPU, and Free-DC is the bomb for WCG results, another thread I update.

    Why is FAH, not so stellar? Also, is there a good time to check for the day?

    Thanks, I would really appreciate your insight, or maybe insight from another, in my position, with more experience in this matter.

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    There is no specific time, the stats update on a continuous cycle, when finished each cycle they switch a pointer to the database that has just updated to be visible webside, then start the next cycle on a different database. It all depends upon which projects are updated in which cycle.

    That being said, I'm still configuring a new server which will only do the nonBoinc stats, so they will run parallel to BOINC projects and so be much faster updates.

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    Thanks! Now, I am wondering. Why, just now, did it show me results from Today, but when I went to sort the results, it refreshed to all zero's?!?

    I can't even keep the current update? It won't be TOO SOON, for that new server!!

    I hate to sound like a sourpuss, I truly, TRULY, appreciate all you do!! It has just been a little frustrating, the last few days.

    Thanks, Agian!!

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