Welll over the last few days Free DC has opened a full six pack of Whoopass on our best buddies at Ars Technica. Can the leviathan respond, why are they dragging their heels, is this the end of the road for poor old Ars?

So what have the Free DC'ers been doing to slap them down so well.

Heading the field chucking out some hefty wus is PCZ.

Looks like Condor in 2nd is getting ready for an uber

IB our illustrious mentor is taking it easy at the request of the quacks, get well soon matey. He's still chucking out the WUs so it looks like he's training nursey up to be a pharmer.

FoBoT is crunching away but is down some GHZ due to work

Beth133 has once againn hijacked the student's PCs and is turning in the huge effort we have come to know, hope the trainee Mounties have a long holiday.

Dyyryath is recovering from being roadkilled last week and is doing a sterling job chucking out WUs in all manner of projects, whilst redoing the site and probably modding another bike.

Angus is on other project duty and is coming under pressure from a monstering Devzero.

Paratima seems to be struggling, maybe the uberborg has lost a cube or two.

rsbriggs is turning in big efforts in other quarters and is the head of the Free DC GIMPS crew, I don't know if thats good or bad

Hydra West is looking set to roadkill Head Gimp whilst he is not looking.

Back down in the 50 millions we have the tight between ulv and Ghost.

In 14th we have the sleeping Fozzie. :sleepy:

Docwardo is making his way steadily up the chart, and is opening a gap ahead of Kosh and the closing Anarchy99.

rcoulter is just about to roadkill A99, can the lunatic respond.

DP will be flattened by the next NiNeball9 uber as he is concentrating on other projects.

rshepard and schluppy are taking a break.

Closing up on those two is MashRinx.

Just behind and taking a breather while she moves home is Moogie.

She better get back soon or QIbHom will have stomped on her.

Racing up behind QIbHom is the back in the Df saddle Chinasaur, who is looking to take both Moogie and QibHom at one time. (no sniggers please)

tak22 is just behind and crunching away.

the_mk is working on other projects and will be the next to feel the tyre treads of Chaos theory who has romped up the charts but will now find it much more tricky to claim the scalps of the people above him.

Supp is working on other projects and has ZaphodB moving up on him.

Richard Clyne is taking a break from DC.

Ponky has pulled out a healthy gap ahead of bwkaz who has sunk closing in on him.

Corwin is crunching a few WUs every so often, and is sitting just ahead of xj10bt.

Hydra central is next just ahead of Wedge.

starkebn is moving in on the both of them and CSMan is closing all of them down.

Billy Ray is crunching away heading for the top 40.

ECL is turning in a few WUs whilst concentrating on other projects.

Scoofy12 is closing in on ECL and Billy Ray.

Bacilus has come over to Free DC this week.

Thor is sitting in a nice wide gap and working on hitting 5 million.

Just down the road and closing rapidly is Willy1 soon to overtake the statis Wirthi and Uncle Fluffy who are taking a break away from DF. Big producer heading for the top 20.

Excaliber rounds of the top 50.

MattD hit his million mark this week and half a mill down the road we have daking soon to come under major pressure from Father Ted. Weehay

The Shaman and Jake hit their first of many millions this week.

Clsoing in behind is rofn who also hit the million this week.

Just under the million mark we have Justinfields Gopher and Norman108, go for it guys.

Closing in on those guys is MrTRS

Langfod should hit his first 500k soon.

One of our Nones just cracked 150k and is steadily rising up the points, not too far back is Voltron and tounding off our active crunchers we have None2.

Great job guys and gals, keep up the sterling work and pound them Arsian until we can make some bread with 'em.

Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of them Arsian.

Be they alive or on SETI

We'll still whoop 'em

'cos we're Free DC.