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Thread: Large cache

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    Large cache

    How does one cache say 3000 wus so it can crunch offline for months?

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    Do you want to cache it on a personal proxy server or on your client?

    But the whole thing makes no sence to me, because it may be possible that you don't get credit for crunched workunits you downloaded long time ago (someone other may have crunched this workunit as a random block). I think it's better to crunch online or update buffers every day or two.

    Caching on proxyserver: erm, regardless what you set in your config-file, it won't go higher that 1000 workunits (I think that was the number, when I crunched RC5-64 long time ago). A lot of clients must uploading (and you may not restart your proxy whilest this time) results and so the proxy notices buffering more WUs would be a better idea.

    Caching on client side: config --> buffer and buffer update options --> fetch work threshold --> RC5-72=[value]; or edit that lines of your dnetc.ini
    save your changes and restart. I don't know if the client really downloads that much WUs

    As I said it isn't recommend buffering high amounts of workunits to crunch offline a long time.

    Please correct me if I talk :bs:

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    IB, I too don't think that its such a good idea to cache such a large amount of workunits. They might just get stale on you.

    Btw, I see that we are getting some action back in this project.

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    I've submitted results weeks after downloading the work before, it doesn't seem to be clear what lifetime it has. Maybe if TheJet sees this thread he can chime in with some facts.

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