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Thread: dfQ Phase II - alpha release

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    Lightbulb dfQ Phase II - alpha release


    dfQ Phase II is about ready. I would have liked to finish up everything (stats, service install, perhaps compiling it on linux and then for windows, ...), but I've decided that it's better to put out something useful now then something slightly more useful at some point in the future. My decision was also helped along by the reports of many no-netters losing whole 250 gen sets due to miscellaneous errors.

    As always, bug reports are extremely welcome as are feature requests.

    ooh, almost forgot:

    A Big, Big Thank You to Howard for his support and suggestions.

    Also, Thanks to FoBoT for providing me with testing material.
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    Bug found <minor>:

    Occassionally empty dfq files are created by the uploader and placed in storage. These files seem to be 71 bytes long (shows up in Windows explorer as 1k), and cause an error during upload (no handle could be found). These files can be safely deleted (even while the uploader is running).

    This bug will of course be fixed in the near future.
    Team Anandtech DF!

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    Any feedback (everything ok so far, wtf is going on, I don't like it, etc), yet?
    Team Anandtech DF!

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    I'm triing it upcoming day's, i will keep you informed about how it's going.

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    Very good idea to have another layer between client and DF servers!

    Will try it and will report back (time...)

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