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    Spare parts


    I'm new to the team. I switched from US-Distributed . Anywayz, I have a Pentium Celeron 450MHz chip w/ board (type unknown) and potentially a PSU that will run with it. It came out of an HP Pavillion. I'd need to pick it up from my cousin and whatnot, but it's a freebie if you pay S&H. I'll ship USPS, UPS, or FedEx, your choice. If anyone's interested, first come first serve. If you want the PSU, say so, if not then don't mention it. I'll package it up and get it weighed in for shipping costs and be in contact.

    Captain Moose

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    Please Feel Most Welcome CaptainMooseInc!!

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    Hey, good to have you around!

    I've also got a couple of sets of Celeron processors (300a, 433) laying around if anyone wants to use them for something.
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    Captain Moose: I might be able to. I've been wanting to start a farm, but my parents dont think its a great idea. However, they conceded that getting cheap/free old boards I can take a stab at it.

    Any idea how much shipping will be? If its not too much, Im allowed to go ahead and get this.

    I live in Mason, Ohio. 45040. Thanks, cant wait to hear your reply.

    Dryy: I'd be interested in the 433 CPU's.

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    Most mobos and chips run around 5 lbs, so...

    Let's see here...

    alright, UPS says that they could do it for about $6.65. So estimated shipping costs for JUST the mobo and chip (w/hs&fan) should be around...$6-10. I calculated travel time, and it should be there within 1-3 days of shipment. Let me get all the parts (may be a week or so, I work in retail and it's X-Mas time). Once I get it all packed up and weighed, I'll have you PM me your address. You can snail mail me the cash or deposit it via PayPal acct. Once shipped I'll PM you the price for shipment.

    Captain Moose

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    Sounds good. I've been ok'ed by my parents to buy it.

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    Actually, its a good thing it may take you a while. I'm leaving for a soccer tourny in Florida Thursday (yup, christmas day), and wont be back untill the following thursday.

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    Sorry it's taken so long. i'm going to try to get the stuff tomorrow. I have a very busy work week and just went back to school. I'll try to get it out here very very soon though.

    Captain Moose

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    does anyone else have a CPU/MOBO?? I have some spare parts to build a pcfor crunching ( a old graphics card, cd-rom, PSU, network card, etc)
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    No problem CaptainMoose. I've been very busy as well, with school starting again and all. I feel your pain

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