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    Proxy Question

    Have a question from one of OCWs Folders.

    "I have got about 20 Pentium IV machines at work they have internet access but when I try to configure a proxy for the folding client nouploads take place. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks "

    Any help appreciated
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    First of all, are there any error messages generated in the error log? Or on the screen? Secondly, since these are work machines, close attention needs to be paid to routers and firewalls that may be running. These may prevent the proxy from working properly, so he should look into that as well.

    Any further specific questions are welcome in this thread
    Elena Garderman

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    Many industrial networks that are connected to the network via a T1 line don't have a proxy server and "act" like they connected directly. I'm not sure what software is being used, but they act like a direct connection, just like a modem would be. At least our does, and we have firewalls and tons of security/anti-virus programs....

    So when the client is configured, say "no" to the proxy server setup.

    As a test, your guy can just move "proxy.cfg" out of the "distribfold" folder and try to up-load....

    Clients that are setup for no proxy server, don't generate a "proxy.cfg" file.

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    I also depends on what sort of authentication the proxy server uses, only certain types are supported (Basic and NTLM). Also the proxy server must be an HTTP (web browser) proxy, not some other kind (such as a SOCKS proxy for example).
    Worst case, you can try running a port sniffer like Ethereal and see the traffic through the machine to see if its messages are reaching our server, and see if a response is given.
    Howard Feldman

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