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Thread: holy carp condor!

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    holy carp condor!

    i don't have the bandwidth to do that. with my 128Kbps upload speed on the DSL at work, i can only send about 3 million points per update max.

    did you use an automated script/tool to dump that all at once? or what?

    Use the right tool for the right job!

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    *Error* Primary Comms Link Failure *Error* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    *sniffs the air* hmm smells like melting plastic....
    *Hears something funny*
    *Alert* *Alert*
    CO 2 system activated.... System Coolant Levels at Maximum

    *Alert* *Alert*
    Warning System Core is reaching Crital Mass Tempreture... Total System Meltdown in 60 Seconds...

    *runs to find emergency system shutdown button*
    *trips up*
    * Core Meltdown in Process..... *
    *fade to sound of melting plastic*
    bye bye pharm - hmm ophs...
    Next time children don't uber uber uber uber uber uber dump just
    uber uber uber uber uber dump instead

    CoNdOr of the Comms Links
    Semi-retired from Free-DC...
    I have some time to help.....
    I need a new laptop

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