Did anybody else notice the following:

After about 60 or more structures the client releases memory. from a little more than 95 MB it goes down to 85MB or even down to 70MB and seems to slow down to a crawl.
Can't tell if it is my system or the client, thats why I didn't post it in the offical forum.
I didn't notice anything like that before. and no, it is not the normal release after 100 structures

I watched it a little further and when it is done with one generation, it wpuld only take 85MB RAM.
If you stop and restart the df client, it will again use 95MB RAM.
My system is an Athlon XP with 512MB RAM running W2K.

I use another system which is an PIV 2.6Ghz with 512MB RAM and W2K and it didn't show any signs of what I described above.....

So if somebody could have an eye on his system and either confirm it or not, I would really glad about it...

Greets Thor