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Thread: New Years EVE party! Choose your game!!

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    New Years EVE party! Choose your game!!

    Well, I am going to be having a LAN party at my house on Jan.4, which got me to thinking:

    1. Does anyone want to do a internet game party. I have Starcraft(and Brood Wars), Civ II Gold & III, NeverwinterNights, Diablo II (god the horror), but don't have any first person shooters (cause I don't like them).

    2. If we want I think I know how to multiplayerize all of those games, but I am not sure with NeverWinterNights. I also have some experience in DMing D&D games via IRC.

    It would be from around 9:00PM EST to 12:30-1:00AM EST, but if we wanted I could leave stuff on (if I need to) to let people keep playing for a while.

    Any takers??


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    I'd love to help out, but the last computer game I was any good at was Super Star Trek, programmed at the University of Texas, and running on a PDP-by-Gawd-11.

    Oh yeah, and ANY of the word games from Infocomm (of which I believe I still have all). Just never made the cutover to graphics games. SSTrek was graphic, I guess, if you count little boxes of ASCII stuff.
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    I'd be interested Though don't mind me if I get a bit too drunk during game play I just need to know what we'll be playing so I can get my hands on whatever it will be. Also if it's a game that has a linux server I can host it on my dedicated server I got a couple of days ago
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