A half billion lead is beckoning and the Arsians seem powerless to stop us.

Do they have a master plan or are they like headless chickens without their no. 1 cruncher.

On that subject PCZ looks set to clear aside lemonsqz and is homing in on the no. 1 spot in DF.

Condor has done some major this week but is still under pressure in the overall rankings from Joeprocooling.

Romping up to 3rd in our table and taking over the virtual fridge is FoBoT. Keep it stocked dude.

Down to 4th is the nurses favourite IB.

Next we have the high producing Beth133 our only representattive in the top ten RMSD.

Dyy is next 100 million back and then a further 100 mill behind is Devzero, looks like these guys will be holding station unless something major happens to their output. Who knows what other projects they are running.

Paratima is closing up on Angus, and Hydra West rounds off the top 10.

That will change soon mwahaha

rsbriggs will soon be under pressure from the Ghost, ulv

Closing in on the both of them is Crazy Train himself, and the restitched Fozzie is not far behind.

Docwardo looks like he will be the next victim of the rise and rise of NiNeball9.

RCoulter, Kosh and Chaos Theory round off the top 20, each of them must be looking in the rear view for the rampant Red Willie.

Mashrinx is homing in on DP.

QIbHom and Georgie Peaches Morgster Moogie are both closing in too.

Chinasaur is off crunching big time in D2OL help Free DC romp up the overall standings there.

tak22 is crunching away breaking 25 mill this week

the-mk is closing in on 20 mill and just down the road ZaphodB should hit 15 mill soon.

Closing down Zaphod we have Sitescape, welcome aboard matey, visit the forum and say hi some time.

Ponky holds a 1.2 million gap to the pack that contains bwkaz, Hydra Central, sunk and starkebn. They seem to have sorted there order out and only a change in boxen numbers or switch of power from some other project will upset the status quo.

CSMan is coming under pressure from ECL who roadkilled Crowin this week.

Father Ted will overtake Billy Ray some time today and continue on his rise.

Thor looks safe in the top 50 for now but Anteraan and Rofn are closing in on the Free DC top 50.

The Shaman and Gopher both look set for the top 50 as long as they can keep up their production.

Excaliber is coming under pressure from Matt D.

A little further down the road Nitrousine and Norman108 both broke through their first million this week Top stuff guys.

slwb should be joining them soon and not far behind are Rizla and Xp.

Welcome back to Mr McGuffin who leads a big between None, Voltron and Imperfect Solution.

Not far back is RangerX who overtook Derek this week and looks set to hit the 0.5 mill mark.

Petey is going to be the next active victim of the rising star Camliner, welcome to DF matey.

Rounding off our active crunchers is Matrix fan.

Go guys and gals we are storming DF at the moment, Ars might FPP if they are serious about narrowing the gap, but how long they can realistically wait is anyone's guess.

Geat job as usual.

Free DC you rock !!