I have done some deep insightful soul searching the past few days and have just completed my personal inventory of goals and desires for my life as it pertains to the new year and this is what I have come up with......

I have discovered that I have a deep seeded and emotionally debilitating hate for other people, any other people, all people in-fact

I have after some serious thought and calculation come up with what I can only assume to be the true law of the universe and that is that I am better than everyone around me at any given moment in time

when in the room of my choice I am the smartest, and all other forms of life are beneath me

I do not blame everyone else for this fact and will try not to focus my elitist disgust to-wards any one individual (except that damn fozzie)(why wont you just die)(you are like a rash from Okinawa)

so seeing as how I have reached true enlightenment and am superior to all other forms of life I would like to afford this opportunity to let you all know how the universe works

if there is a bright center to the universe and it is the equivalent to all knowing omniscient power than all other forms of life besides myself are on the far side of the farthest planet from that bright center

I am a flowing ball of light, there are no questions only answers

I am the fountain from which all knowledge flows

I am the scale by which all is measured

please do not be intimidated by my new found place in the hierarchy of the food chain, I being the mass of all knowledge that exists realize that the little people make it possible for me to measure my greatness against the galactic failure that is everyone else but me

I will try to pass on what little knowledge the lesser forms of life can comprehensively deal with and the others that just don't get it can deal with their lesser positions in my universe the best they can

It is my hope that we can all just get along and that your jealousy of me will not cause me to remove you from my social circle

now that we have cleared that up, you may still address me as A99 or anarchy99 or anarchy there will be no need to further my greatness with a title that only reinforces my superior position to your lesser one

now you can all start PMing me for my DF handle one at a time so I can begin my reign over the huddle masses of knowledge seeking lemmings and will also be able to document the faithful followers of my cult from the evil infidels who wish to destroy my utopia with their knowledge sucking negative learning curve

I will from time to time let you all know how your meaningless lives are to be affected by my greatness in posts that we will call "the world according to A99"

I would like to end todays lesson with a little pat on the back and a thank you for your support

have a nice day