I don't think how the team strain is currently handled is of very high quality. The main reason is: the diversity is not very high. Take a look at a newly downloaded results.dat from the team-strain with the viewresults.exe. Almost all results look similar, they are all concentrate at one point in the 3D-map.

That's because only the top 1000 results are included, and they all concentrate on that point.

One reasonable thing to do would be the following: include some results with lower muon yield in the team strain download. Like: if you download a file with 1000 results, include the top 800, and additionally 200 random results (with lower quality). You should at least make such an option in the download-script.

If we don't do that, we risk at heading towards a dead end (a "local maximum").

A simple workaround would be: don't exchange your results.dat with the one you download, but append it; a programm that sorts out dpulicates would be helpful (there was a "muonmonitor" from bananeweizen of team rechenkraft, but I don't know if it still works with the current client).