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Thread: New blood

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    New blood

    Hi all,

    Just one of the new kids on the block, looking to get back doing some crunching on lifemapper. Primarily a linux user (Slack, Suse, and Libranet). An AMD farmer. Have been trying out what I think is the latest 1.0.02, but have been receiving numerous random seg faults with it. I don't receive the seg faults with the 1.0.01 though.


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    Thumbs up Good to have you onboard matey

    things have gone kinda slack here of late. I have swung my boxen all to DF and some lighter ones on D2OL.

    Good luck catching the Phoenix.

    Alas poor Borg, I knew it Horatio

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    Hi Brucifier

    The linux 1.02 client is horribly broken.
    It either segfaulted or froze up when I tried it.
    I used 1.01 on my linux boxes and 1.02 on windows.

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