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Thread: Charity Event 2017

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    Charity Event 2017

    Hello to all,

    SETI.Germany and Team LAF organize the Charity Event 2017. It takes place from 01/15/2017 at 00.00 until 01/28/2017 at 23.59. ( 15/01/2017 22.00 UTC - 28/01/2017 21.59 UTC )
    This year we will be provided for the project TN-Grid
    Team change:
    Shortly before the change of their core team participants in the charity team: and expect from the 01/15/2017, at 00.00 clock for the project TN-Grid.Participation is voluntary.

    In the project settings, it is easiest if all available WU-types are allowed.

    SETI.Germany and Team LAF invite all BOINC teams to participate.Everyone is welcome to join in the Event.

    Here the most important links:

    TN-Grid Homepage:
    Charity Team:
    Charity Forum:

    We wish you much fun with the 9th Charity Event.

    Many Greetings: Terminator

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    Hello to all.

    Everyone is welcome to join in the Charity Event.

    Many Greetings: Terminator

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