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Thread: Signature Config

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    Question Signature Config

    I'm not having any luck trying to configure my stats signature (which I was confusing with the badges initially O.o).

    I can view a random theme, but it doesn't seem that when I make changes with the statstool that they are being saved. I'm hitting the Update button but they aren't saving. I can only get to the tool on the regular stats site as, except for the first two links on the left column, none of the links work on stats6.

    Also, most of the theme names are blank so there's no way to know what they are except manually selecting keying # in.



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    If you can browse the various backgrounds: all you have to do is add <img></img> (but with '[' and ']' instead of '<' and '/>') around the Combined Signature (random theme) from your CPID page and replace the theme number with the one you want (and maybe have more or fewer columns).

    For you

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    There is also a sticky thread showing (most of ) the themes -

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    Signature Config

    Is it possible to get built-in site config files? So i can edit them instead of doing it all from scratch?

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