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    User Name

    I wish to register my user name the same as my current CPID details but I can't seem to change my current one or register my new one. Currently I am registered as McShane of TSBT which I would like to change to Cruncher Pete. When I try to register under this name I am tolf that my password is wrong and whwn I ask for a new Password it tells me that my user name is PeTer Shane. What do I need to do to cancell my current and previous names in order to register Cruncher Pete with my current email address and Password?

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    Hi Pete,

    You're a man of many names/CPiD's!
    I take it that this is you: but under this CPiD you're only doing POGS
    I take it that this is you too: but this already is Cruncher Pete.
    On project level (so at the various account pages for the projects with the wrong name) you might want to rename yourself as I see in this view

    When it comes to your name on this forum, I'm out of my depths. I wouldn't know how to change my own name here -that's why I use the same name everywhere...
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    Hi Dirk.

    On project level I have checked every project and the name is correct (so is my CPID). Actually my CPID has not changed when I changed my name and team as is reflected correctly in BOINCStats. Similarly, the stats are correct here as well only I can not change my Log In Name to Cruncher Pete

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