Message 82504 - Posted: 2 Nov 2017, 5:58:41 UTC

Hi, I've been working on an operating system dedicated to running BOINC on as many types of hardware and via a USB for quite a few weeks and I've finally reached the Beta stage so I thought I'd announce it here too. This is my first time posting here and I guess I'll post regularly to keep you all updated as I continue development (if it doesn't count as spam).

For context: BOINC OS is a minimalist, pre-packaged Linux distribution for performing distributed/volunteer computing on as large of range of computer hardware as possible. It is based on Arch Linux and contains tools to perform volunteer computing with BOINC as well as many more additional features. It is made to be as portable as possible and aims to be placed on a USB drive to be used between various computer systems and simplify the process of setting up a system for distributed/volunteer computing.

Official Website: