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    http://<a href="</a>

    Interesting new project where they intend to monitor the levels of Radiation around the world. Much like Quake Catcher Network, this needs a sensor attached via USB. They have started taking pre-orders for these sensors and I've got mine in.

    It's around 25Euro + shipping which is 15Euro to the US and I think 10Euro to most of Europe.

    To pre-order you have to go via the donation page, link is on the main page.. I've been in touch with the admins and they seem pretty good.


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    I just ordered a kit, total was 39.50 euro to the UK (slightly complicated process working out the postage via the Polish post site).

    Things to note:

    Donate from the main project page, NOT the BOINC subsite or you won't be able to enter delivery address etc (although a PM to the admin is OK anyway)

    It's a KIT - You have to solder it together yourself. If you have no experience wielding The Magical Burning Stick you'll have to ask a friend to do it. If all else fails I guess I could knock these out for people in the UK, especially locals like PCZ

    Oh, the admins over there are really good guys!



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    I know it's quite old thread
    Now Radioactive is no avialable. But project itself works, just DNS is corrupted (admin work with it). If You go directly with number You can reach project.
    Additionally there is simple trick to download/upload data:
    In file:

    that's all. It works for me and my teammates.

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