Charity Event 2018:

Dear members of Team Free-DC

SETI.Germany and Team LAF organize the Charity Event 2018. It takes place from 14.01.2018, 0.01h UTC, until 27. 01.2018, 23.59h UTC.
This year we will be provided for the project Rosetta@home.
Team change:
Shortly before the change of their core team participants in the charity team: and expect from the 14.01.2018, 0.01h UTC for the project Rosetta@Home. Participation is voluntary.

SETI.Germany and Team LAF invite all BOINC teams to participate.Everyone is welcome to join in the Event.

Here the most important links:

Rosetta@Home Homepage:
Charity Team:
Charity Forum:

We wish you much fun with the 10th Charity Event.

Many Greetings: Terminator