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Thread: The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project is now back in Beta!

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    The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project is now back in Beta!

    Hello everyone,

    We're restarting the Distributed Hardware Evolution Project. After several years offline the results found by this project are still today the best self-checking designs for the circuits in the literature. With increases in computational speed and a greater number of volunteers we will now be able to tackle industrial scale circuits to be used in medical equipment, power stations, aerospace, and high-speed transport - wherever human lives are at risk in the case that a circuit operates incorrectly. All results arrived at by our project are Open Source and can be freely used by anyone. At the moment we are still at the stage of showing that our approach can tackle large circuits.

    We are now opening a Beta phase so early birds are welcome!.. You can download the client at:

    We are also seeking anyone who'd like to join us and help on the following fronts:
    • Add our Java client onto BOINC so that it works across all platforms.
    • Make a Mac installer
    • Add our client onto apt-get or yum for easy installation on Linux.

    You can read more about the project at

    Stats from previous contributors to the project will be maintained. If you can't remember your island name PM me, I can search for it based on your email.

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