I've got a question I'm hoping the wisdom of the group can help me with.

What's the proprietary pinout on the a Dell server power connection motherboard?

The long story: I've built four dual Xeon machines with Supermicro MBD-X9DRL-IF-B mobos and E5-2670s from ebay. Great crunching machines. But those mobos are expensive. I've blown all four up. The little rectangular thingies under the small heatsink near the edge of each board exploded. Why I don't know. But I assume the cpus and memory are still good.

So I see Dell mobos used, cheap on ebay. I got one, from a Dell Precision T5600, dual lga 2011 sockets. It has a 24 pin connector but when I plug it into the power supply, I can't get any life out of it. I'm assuming the pinout on the board doesn't match the normal atx spec. Do you know of an off-the-shelf converter to go from normal atx 24 pin to Dell proprietary 24 pin? Or what the pinout is on this mobo and I can make my own? I found a Russian guy's video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26bZ2uChpos) that seems to describe how to do it, but I'm not following the language and don't read Cyrillic.

Any help would be appreciated.