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Thread: Distributed Hardware Evolution Project

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    Thumbs up Distributed Hardware Evolution Project

    Brand new project just released to Production status based out of the University of Sussex. Testing the concepts or circuit development in the future.

    289 Users and 762 Hosts at this time.

    Very long WU's with Trickle Points every 15 minutes.

    I have one old AMD Win 64 system loaded with it's first WU and after 16 hours I am at 2.9%. The project forums state to not pay too much attention to percentages and time estimates as the project runs off of trickles for both Credits and Data.

    So far the WU has run clean with no unusual BOINC symptoms.

    They also have a stand alone non-Boinc option for those interested in that.

    I will update more as I log more hours and credits.

    If anyone wants in at the ground floor of a new project here you go.

    Bill F

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    My ESET says this when i go there:

    Website blocked
    The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content.
    Access to it has been blocked.

    After I allow it thru ESET then MalwareBytes also blocks it then when I allow it thru that the site asks to install some extension to my Google Chrome setup
    Very strange behavior for a Boinc website
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    DHEP has been dead / has not had any Credits or W/U's since August of 2019.

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