Dear volunteers,

after a long period of development and testing, we are pleased to announce that we have on BOINC a new major release of SixTrack. The development team made an impressive job to re-factorise the code, porting arrays to dynamic memory allocation, splitting the source code (gathered in few, huge source files) into fortran90 modules, making maintenance easier and deleting a lot of duplicated code and massive arrays - without mentioning countless bug fixes, documentation updates, re-written input parsing, improved build system and test suite.

We have also implemented plenty of new features. Most of them are still available only on the batch system as CERN (e.g. linking to Geant4 or Pythia, running coupled to FLUKA or other external codes, support for ROOT and HDF5), but many of them can be already deployed by BOINC jobs, like on-line aperture checking, electron lenses, generalised RF-multipoles, quadrupole fringe fields, and hashing of files for checks. All these new features will allow us to study new machine configurations and refine results, and we count on your help!

Thanks again for your support, and keep up the good work!

Alessio, for the SixTrack Team