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Thread: WCG stats not showing despite having points

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    WCG stats not showing despite having points

    Recently setup my friend with boinc so she could contribute to projects of interest. Looking at her page here

    There are points for several projects, but WCG is not listed. Though on her WCG page it lists

    Microbiome Immunity Project 433 1 0:000:01:49:32
    Mapping Cancer Markers 4,720 5 0:000:16:54:08

    Does WCG just take significantly longer to update ?

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    WCG updates stats twice per day. Maybe it's a spilt CPID?

    More likely is that she has not enabled Data sharing as WCG requires that now to show (and export ) data. From the user page at WCG -> Settings->Data Sharing->Display My data

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    Thanks Bok,

    I checked the CPIDs and both everything matches, but did have her adjust that extra setting today so hopefully it will show up the next time an update goes through.

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