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Thread: LHC badge update request.

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    LHC badge update request.

    Whenever you get a chance, could you look into the LHC badge being updated on the stats page?
    I'm guessing the 'badge banner' is displaying info from Atlas@home instead of LHC@home?

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    I don't have any badges for LHC at all, I don't think they've ever had badges.

    Atlas does though which are displayed.

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    When trying to log on to ATLAS@Home you get redirected to , which is right because ATLAS went up into LHC@home long ago, see will display your LHC badges, which are the ATLAS badges.
    LHC has major problems with the export of stats though, which they blame upon the BOINC server coding. The fact that they are the only project having this problem doesn't ring a bell with them.

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