Hi. Just a quick note about nothing important really.

I just noticed that the tally of Maxwells in the "Userbycpidmilestones" screen is not the same as the total of ticks in the "User by CPID Stats" and "Usersubprojects Stats" screens. In my case I count 14 ticks, but the screen shows 13.
Whats more, if you click the Maxwells link on the "Userbycpidmilestones" screen you get the league table which backs up the "Userbycpidmilestones" screen i.e. it shows 13 in my case.
I suspect (but obviously haven't checked) that everyone's is out by one which means it makes little difference in the grand scheme of things, but I thought it worth pointing out.

I know that the "Userbycpidmilestones" screen is kind of work in progress / out of date. And I suspect that you might be considering dropping Maxwells from the list when you re-write it to avoid having to code for not showing a Maxwell tick for Maxwells! Though you could just force an arbitrarily impossible number in the array you are testing against. But not showing Maxwells would leave the problem of where to click to see the league table of Maxwells, which I kind of feel is an important table to be able to see, even if it is currently wrong.

Keep up the brilliant work folks.
Cheers and thanks.