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Thread: Could we have a "Date/Time of last Status Update" please?

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    Could we have a "Date/Time of last Status Update" please?

    I don't know if it's down to Covid-19 or whatever, but I seem to be seeing a marked increase in variation of the time when the daily rollover of the status completes.
    As a confirmed stats scraper who spends a little time each day copying data to a spreadsheet, it can be frustrating to note that the MM stats page (which is the only one where it is not fairly obvious that it has or hasn't rolled) is the same as yesterdays and you realise that it hasn't yet rolled over.
    Could we maybe have a "Last Daily Update" Date/Time on the screen somewhere - I would suggest in the top right under the current System Time.
    I don't know if there is an hourly or whatever update that deserves a mention too, but I thought I would just throw it in here in case there is.
    Sorry if it is already there somewhere on a screen where I just haven't noticed it.

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    This is not totally straightforward but I will put thought into it.

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