Sorry for my bad english, I'm usin deepl translator.

I've been checking how to include the Folding@Home statistics in the signature with those of the Boinc projects, but I see that it's currently not possible.

I have seen that years ago this could be done with Statstool https://stats.free-dc.org/statstool/ but since a few years ago it seems that it is no longer possible as I saw in this post https://www.free-dc.org/showthread.p...ight=signature

I have configured Statstool with the projects I am in https://stats.free-dc.org/usermain/Juanro49 but because the signature option has not worked for years, the images are not generated.

Would it be possible to re-enable this function or otherwise make the F@H statistics also be displayed?

Another aspect I have noticed is that the Folding@Home statistics could be further optimized. For example, I have noticed that in case I have been in several teams, Free-DC creates a profile with each team as you can see in my examples.

This is a problem in the use of Statstool, since you can only put one user code and it would only show one profile, as you can see in my example https://stats.free-dc.org/usermain/Juanro49.
This could be solved by using the user code of Folding@Home (as it is done in Boinc projects) instead of using user+teamcode. F@H offers many apis for accessing your data https://api.foldingathome.org/.

To get the F@H ID through the user name, you could use this api that offers all the info about the user https://api.foldingathome.org/#GET-/user/:name. This way, in my case, my F@H ID is 68878570, the url with the profile info would become https://stats.free-dc.org/stats.php?...&name=68878570 and there would be no "duplicate" profile problems when I have been in several teams.

Another aspect is that the F@H badges don't show data as you can see in the example