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Thread: SRBase duplicate

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    SRBase duplicate

    I created a new account on SRBase, and two days later they had some kind of database corruption after a Windows update.
    My account was then gone and I had to re-register.
    Now I see two instances of SRBase in the stats.
    The first one links to userID 2233 which is my new account where my points go now. The user name is Mildew and the team is The Knights Who Say Ni!
    The second one links to userID 2232 which is an empty user with no name, zero points, and the team is set to Gridcoin.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if there is anything you can do...
    Is there a reference to user 2232 in your database that keeps the old SRBase user alive with the old value for the points since it is listed for my user with a non-zero value for the points in the stats?


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    yeah, this is a failsafe. The old is 'marked for deletion' internally - I've gone ahead and ran the cleanup process in this case.

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    Awesome! Thanks a bundle!

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