We had a 4hour power outage on the 29th december. It actually affected 4 neighborhoods. The UPS's on the servers only last about an hour.

the older db server which serves stats.free-dc.org came back up just fine and I made sure all tables were repaired as needed.

Then newer servers that stats6 and stats3 point to did not come back up. It's been somewhat temperamental on reboots where you would see power to the mobo, but nothing else would start. I always suspected it was the PSU.

Today I replaced the PSU and it would start up again, but always went into emergency mode. It was complaining about one of the NVME drives. Actually an Intel one I had bought earlier this year for the build. I ended up removing that drive and it then booted up just fine.

At the moment I'm just finishing up moving one of the databases to a different drive and the stats scripts should be getting started within the hour.

I think it's a lot more stable now, that PSU issue has been bugging me for months.