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Thread: Database ER does it make sense

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    Database ER does it make sense

    Hai there:

    I have been directed here by some members of TaaT in regards to whether my ER diagram makes sense:

    What I am trying to accomplish is pulling stats from the various projects when we have a sprint/race/challenge and displaying it. I think I am missing some fields


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    It kind of makes sense, with the basic fields, but it's very dependent on what exactly you are going to use the data for.

    You may want to add a project identifier as a first key field if you are tracking multiple projects

    Your user_credit and team_credit table will start getting large quickly but I guess if it's only for sprints you will be deleting the data. I'm assuming it always contains the complete value each time and further assume you'd key that timestamp in a descending order to always have the highest first

    Without the cross project id (CPID char(32)) you won't be able to sum up.

    So I think it would work for my limited guess of what you are going to use it for

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