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Thread: TPU Would Like To Help

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    TPU Would Like To Help

    Hello Bok. We over at TPU have noticed the banner on the Free-DC webpage and were wondering how we can help (beyond donations). We have a thread going:

    We just wanted to reach out and see how we could possibly help beyond sending monetary payments. I would have sent you a private message; however, I did not see that option.


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    I just read some of the threads over there and appreciate it. Hosting has never been a viable option in the past really, I have looked into it a bunch of times over the years. Mainly due to the database server needing to have so much RAM and all the (now) NVME drives attached to support the stats. The webserver is trivial in comparison. Never found anything that cost anything remotely like what it just cost to host at home. Maybe it's different now, not sure.

    If anyone never got the registration email reach out to me at freedc.bok at or you can certainly contact me privately that way. I'll be closing down the banner soon as I've got $100 in recurring donations + got about $1400 in the past 3 weeks which is great for now. My health and work situation, well that's harder to figure out.

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    Thank you for the reply! I am glad to hear that you have received donations. Good luck with your health and work situation. Let us know if there is anything we (TPU) can do to help out!!!
    We appreciate you and your folks for providing this service to crunchers!!!

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