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Thread: Firewall failed

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    Firewall failed

    My edgerouter I've used as a firewall and port forwarder for 80/443 to my webserver failed on monday. I could not get onto it or reset it even though it appeared only eth1 failed and eth2 was still available, but not configured.

    Giant PITA and I could not find another one available to get any time soon.

    Ended up ordering a TP-Link ER605 and that arrived an hour ago. Setup was an absolute breeze so I should be routing ports 80/443 again and my main systems can now connect to the outside world once more.

    We'll see how it runs, but I'm quite impressed with this thing so far.

    Basically the WAN was pre-setup, so just connect it to cable modem. Login and configured the LAN1 which was pre-set for - I changed to as I didn't want to have to change over my servers, DHCP server was configured out of the gate.

    Added a couple of port forward rules and done. Takes about 5mins before it gets the WAN IP, but I've seen that many times before and patience is a virtue.

    I may buy another one to keep on standby, though that edgerouter had been good for maybe 10years now..

    Stats are going to show a few days in one today, not really much choice about that. They should update within an hour with the latest data.
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    Thanks for what you do!

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