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Thread: MLC need help with GDPR

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    MLC need help with GDPR

    According to "Usersubprojects Stats" I am number 107 in MLCbsubproject -
    According to "MLC@Home Subproj Stats" står 26 anonymous users before me -

    MLC implement GDPR correct at total niveau (hvor jeg er number 79), but not at application level. They won't listen to me - maybe your experience can influence them ?
    best of luck,
    yours faithfully,
    John Dewar

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    So the GDPR question is being used to only pass the users data for those who agree but all the subproject data is still being sent?

    I think that is the same on other projects too for hosts, they just anonymize the data, but given the subproject data is not in the boinc wide source code it's not being done there.

    I've never really had any interaction with the MLC admins, but I can try

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    The 'anonymous' subproj lines have disappeared (ref.2) - which puts me in position 81. But I am still position 107 (ref.1) !
    At least you have awoken their attention.
    I've had to deal with GDPR in my professional life - it does not allow anonymous data!

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