Hi all. I've got some questions, but need to explain a little background first.

I'm a highschooler that is into programming and distributed computing. My science fair project last year was on distributed computing (Distributed Emirp Project), and I managed to make it to the Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair, quite a big deal to make it). My project was good, but lacked any real usefulness (found emirps, a special type of prime number).

Next year I want to continue my research in DC by making the framework more modular and extendable, as well as a few other ideas.

But I need a "problem" that is actually useful, as compared to prime numbers. I'm looking around in various avenues for possible projects (such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, climate, AI, etc) and thought biomedical might be nice as well.

Here's where the questions come in. As much as I would like to fold proteins to help find a cure to cancer, I realistically don't have the programming skill nor the knowledge to be able to do this.

But I was wondering if any of you had any ideas regarding possible projects, that while simpler, are still equally useful in some other situation? Which leads to another question. What all does the FAH software do? Does it use some core similar to Tinker/Gromacs? Is the folding code written by FAH?

Any possible ideas? I'm welcome to learning as much as needed, but please remember I am only a highschooler (Sophomore, Honors algebra 2B math, limited science so far. Mostly the basic classes, thats all that is offered here)

Thanks, I appreciate it alot.