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    ..what's the low-down on this project. Anyone still running, involved with this project?

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    Yes still involved. Project is still going on.

    Website at

    (Project Admin)

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    Question, having run a few prime search projects, I see you are using both PRP and LLR, so is this search for prime of the form k*2^n+1 or k*2^n-1. Things may have changed but was under the impression LLR_net only tested k*2^n-1?

    *never mind*
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    The last casp 6 protien was killin my old boxen so decided to do a little seiving for PSP great bunch of folks there very helpfull.

    PS: my handle there is Rick_E.... I'll join FreeDC Team there others should give it a try. Can't figger how to change names my sign in on mersiene boards is Rick_E also.

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    Hey rel279

    Be most welcome and we're glad you're joining up!

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    Ya but it's lonly over here I got Free-DC too 2nd but could use some help for #1

    P.S I use Rick_E as my handle under PSP
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    I started to do this project but citrix pissed around with the scores.

    I suddenly lost more than half my points and there was also an odd message about giving my old and new mersenne forum ID's.
    Since I didn't change my ID I fail to see how I could give a new and an old one.

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    There was a forum change that was the old and new id forum would not except rel279 sooooo my Rick_E handle.

    I only do seiving there and my points are the same as for llr I don't have a clue.

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    One very late answer to the stats thing.
    Maybe somebody is interested.

    The stats had been changed. The reason was that we found out that the
    low n ( less then n=500000) where overweighted.
    So i modified the stats fomula to have a better reflection of the effort put into
    LLR. So all returned results got a new point value. Even with the total
    points beeing cut half all the people that entered the project after we had
    passed n=500000 had an advantage as their results have more weight now.

    @PCZ: The change did not still you any points instead it gave you a boost.

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    I lost most of my points on the 10th June

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    That the point.
    Everybody has "lost" most of his points on the 10th.
    As i had a lot of small n calculated before i "lost" even more
    I even lost much more points due to the fact that the old stats modell
    gave a bonus of 5000 later 500 points for a prime found.
    That was removed also so i really lost a lot of points.

    It looks only as if the normal points where lost but they have only be recalculated and higher n (as you have calculated) have a higher value now.


    One more thing. The discussion we have now only shows that i was not able
    to describe my intentions good enough before i introduced the changes.
    I am sorry about that but now it is a little bit late.
    With my answer i wanted only to make clear that there was no means to be in any
    way unfair to any contributor of the PSP project. If anyone feels different about that
    i apologize.

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