Yes, I've been remiss lately. Big things have been happening and I've been MIA. This one needed to to go up right away, but fortunately, Halo Jones was on the case.

However, if you missed his post, here's the deal: Distributed Folding will be shutting down soon. Here's an excerpt from the DF site:

However, due to the aforementioned reasons, we have decided to bring the
Distributed Folding Project to an end upon reaching the 10 billion target on the current protein or on October 1, 2004, whichever comes last. We truly hope that our loyal user community keeps checking back for future distributed projects, as we certainly intend to return with newer and better ideas.

You can read the rest of it right here.

So, what's the mean for us? We've been #1 in this project for a long time despite some rather serious competition from both Ars Technica and Dutch Power Cows. All we need to do now is hang on a little longer. DPC seems like they may be making another last minute push, but we can hold them off if we try.

There has already been some talk about what project to concentrate on once DF is over. While Free-DC has always been about the freedom to run whatever you'd like, DF has been sort of our 'core' project. Will we find another? Do we want to? Maybe we need a poll or something...