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Thread: We seem to have jumped 63866 n in 15.6 hours!

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    I had miscopied a date.
    9/17/04 22:31 6939385
    9/28/04 14:08 7003251
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    Not sure if this is correct Joe,

    There are quite a few tests done

    Around 6.98m and as far as I know tests take longer than 15hrs even on the fastest machines.

    In addition

    If you look at recently changed scores you can see the progress of n with time if you subtract 200k from the n values.


    235.813T 19249 7189826 38093.771 Thu 18-Mar-2004 Sun 26-Sep-2004

    On sunday sept 26th the current n would have been around 7189826-200k = 6989826 or greater

    Perhaps you simply have a dropped test... ???

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