ronbo54 was kind enough to submit the following: is running an article about a new distributed computing effort by IBM, United Devices, the Mayo Clinic, Oxford University and others. They are calling the effort the 'World Community Grid':

IBM and top scientific research organizations are joining forces in a humanitarian effort to tap the unused power of millions of computers and help solve complex social problems.

The World Community Grid will seek to tap the vast underutilized power of computers belonging to individuals and businesses worldwide and channel it into selected medical and environmental research programs.

The first project will be The World Community Grid Human Proteome Folding Project. Other projects will follow as approved.

Users of will automatically start receiving work in this project just like former Anthrax and Smallpox projects. They will still be working on the cancer project as well.

Since we're on the subject, here's some brief notes about the Cancer Project:

Strengths: large number of users, Windows client is very stable Ė no babysitting, and it stays out of the way better than the other health related clients Iíve tried.

Weaknesses: No Linux or Mac clients right now, no multiple processor support, stats only update once a day.

Tips: Turn off screen saver for best results.