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Thread: Free-DC Surpasses Ars Technica For 4th Place in D2OL!

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    Yes, we've managed to to put away one of our most recurring competitors over in the D2OL arena: Ars Technica's Team Frozen Yogurt.

    We've battled with the various Ars Technica teams before. In fact, they were one of our fiercest opponents in Distributed Folding (though they fell against us there, too). Free-DC and Ars Technica have quite a history (including the fact that the original Free-DC founders all came from Ars Technica's various DC teams) and we've always gotten along pretty well. Friendly competition is certainly one of the things that makes distributed computing fun and things just wouldn't be the same without out friends from Ars Technica around.

    With that in mind, I'd like to give a thumbs up to Ars Technica as we glide by on our way to deal with Team Norway. Feel free to jump on our coat tails and come with us guys!

    Congratulations are in order for all the Free-DC D2OL members, you've done a great job. It looks like we'll be putting away Team Norway soon as well, which just leaves a couple of <grandiose understatment>little no-name teams</grandiose understatement> left ahead.

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    Another feather to our Free-DC cap. Looks like we will have to get a bigger cap soon.

    Congrats to everyone on the Team. You guys ROCK.

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    Congrats guys. A gang of us led by the prolific Ironbits have recently stomped Ars in DPAD and it's good to see the stompage continues.

    ARS is to Free-DC as the New Zealand cricket team is to Glenn McGrath.

    Keep on a Crunchin.


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