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Thread: Giants at Free-DC

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    While we all know that a team's strength lies in large numbers of small producers, here at Free-DC we've also been blessed with a large number of 'heavy-hitters'. In fact, we've got way more than our share given the size of our team.

    Most of our big guys are seen pretty regularly on our forums and we've come to know (and like) them well. We do have, however, a couple of giants that we hear from only rarely. One of the most consistent has been Beth133. Aside from an occasional post and the odd email to an admin, Beth133 keeps a very low, mysterious profile.

    Still, every now and then Beth133 speaks up. Here's an example from a couple of days ago:

    Hi everyone FREEDC users.

    Caution everyone, in Christmas time for one month, beth133 attack.

    I install F@H on 200 workstations.

    10 cm of snow today, in Quebec.

    Have a nice day.

    What's the old expression... "Speak softly and carry a BIG stick"? Yeah, that covers Beth133 pretty well.

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    /me screams like a little boy....

    Beth, you're my Hero!

    You Tha Man!

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    :awed hush:

    200 workstations. Excellent! Rank-and-file members like myself are very impressed.

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    Thanks Beth133

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