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Thread: Lifemapper Ending!

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    That's right, lifemapper is ending their distributed computing project. Here's the scoop:

    Dear Lifemapper Community and Collaborators:

    The Lifemapper Project Team has decided to make several significant changes to the Project as part of a new two-year design and re-implementation effort.

    Probably the most significant change for most of you is that we are going to eliminate the distributed computation component and disable communications with the Lifemapper clients within a few weeks time--around the first of the new year.

    The DC architecture has been very productive and until now critical for computing LM's GARP prediction models. We gratefully thank each and everyone of you for your enthusiasm as collaborators operating LM's distributed computing clients. We know how much your processing has contributed; the environmental biology community is in your debt for the cycles you volunteered and the models you computed.

    There is more to be found in this thread, including IronBits' comments about how we could have 'owned' another project.

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    I am not surprised that it is ending.
    There have been a lot of negative posts on the LM forum and the admins have been conspicuous by their absense.

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