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Thread: 2005 Sieving and factoring challenge

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    ...and so 2005 ends. Well done to engracio for showing us that the sievers were still on top in 2005. My heart goes out to Hadesau who would have been on top had we not paused for reflection and done all that enforced DC work. And a special mention to Joe_O, who whilst finishing a lowly 18th managed to single handedly save 590 DC tests through his hole patching and 50M efforts.

    ...and so on to 2006. I'm sure this year will be the year of the factorers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frodo42
    Actually deeper for 4847, 55459 and 67607.
    4847 and 67607 for some reason has always been favorites of mine (don't know why, maybe it's the last digit of seven I like) and 55459 to get a certain amount of tests with high bounds.
    A little spin of from this may that I am able to to see how many more factors I find by choosing higher value. But it will take a lot more factors before I am able to say anything from my results.

    I bought a book on selling once. It had a chapter about prices. If you have an item that's worth $20.00 and you sell it for $19.95, $19.97 and right at $20, the $19.97 price has the statistical advantage for most sales.

    Most likely the seven again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeH
    And a special mention to Joe_O, who whilst finishing a lowly 18th managed to save 590 DC tests through his hole patching and 50M efforts.
    With a lot of help from VJS and others. You know who you are, so pat yourselves on the back, and accept my apologies for not listing all of you indivdually.
    Joe O

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    I think pat's on the back are well deserved all around.

    Mike for keeping up the sieve stats page, without Mike we probably wouldn't have a sieve and factor sub-projects. Or at least very limited efforts without stats. Keep up the good work.

    Joe and Chuck for their efforts and forsite with the 2^50 limit quickly approaching.

    Joe for maintaining the 50M dat and showing us all the light with high n-sieve.

    E for managing to sieve himself to the top even with a job change and a move.

    Hades_Au my special thanks for getting involved, you have stolen first place in sieve for TPR.

    I'd also like to point out Matt's hard work in the auto-sieve reservation system. It's so well done that we almost forget it exists.


    As for 2006, I can't really agree that factoring will take top scores this year. At least not yet, see Aliens post, secondpass tests factors will score in the 80k's in addition factoring must find smooth factors >1P now. 06 will be interesting.

    Keep up all of the good work guys lets finish off this sieve <2^50 that should be one short term goal.

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